10 Tips for Healthy and Beautiful Hair

These are 10 hair tips on how to get a healthy and beautiful hair every day.

1. Avoid washing your hair everyday

Try not to wash your hair every day. The natural oils of the hair are made to protect and condition one's hair. If a person shampoos every day, this removes these oils from the hair. One of the mistakes people make is that they over wash colored hair, without realizing that colored hair can easily lose its sheen, if over washed. Make sure you wash colored hair every few days using a good quality hair shampoo. Also apply hair styling products to hair once in a while to keep it looking beautiful.

2. Don't use hot water on hair

Using hot water on your hair can damage it. Hot water can dry out the hair, not only that, it can cause breakage due to the hair becoming tangled.

3. Hair type

Naturally, how often people need to wash their hair should depend on their hair type. If your hair is really super straight, you may want to wash it every couple of days. Don't wash curlier hair every day. Straight hair will benefit from extra shine if you wash it every other day.

4. Use shampoo on the scalp not the ends

It isn't the amount of shampoo that you apply on hair that matters, but where you apply it. It is recommended that using shampoo only on the scalp will rinse down in the bath, but applying it on the ends will make you scrub the ends, which can cause damage to hair.

5. Always massage your scalp while shampooing

To detox the scalp and encourage blood flow, give it a good massage while you shampoo or condition the hair. Taking care of scalp with a good hair shampoo and conditioner will result in a healthy and beautiful hair.

6. Use dry shampoo

If you want to minimize the number of times you wash your hair each week, get yourself a dry shampoo. It will help decrease the build-up of oil. Dry shampoo will renew hair roots, at the same time maintaining all the essential oil that hair needs. To make your hair have volume, don't brush out the dry shampoo, leave it in instead.

7. Applying conditioner

Dry your hair properly with a towel before you apply conditioner. The type of conditioner you use plays an important role. Ensure you select a handful of good quality hair masks, conditioners and leave-in hair treatments, especially if you color your hair.

8. Brush hair from bottom up twice daily

To have healthy and beautiful hair, you will need to brush your hair regularly. For a completely untangled, shiny and healthy looking hair, you will need to brush hair two times every day. Spend a minute each morning and when going to bed to brush your hair.

9. Use a low heat setting for hair drying

One of the most detrimental steps you can take for your hair will be to overheat it using excessive blow drying. If you really want to prevent your hair from damage and becoming dry, use heat protection before you blow dry it. Be mindful of how many times you use hair-dryer each week.

10. Apply castor oil and other hair oil

Everyone should have favorite hair products, and hair oil should be one of them. Applying castor oil and other good quality hair oil can do just that. Oily hair can also benefit from hair oil. Hair oil or castor oil will help manage how oily the scalp is and the hair won't need to naturally overwork to prevent dryness. Get yourself a medium-hold hairspray for the oil. You can spray this into both hands after which you run the hands through your hair to smooth the frizz.

Syed Bokhari
Syed Bokhari