Dragon Handle Shear Set 6.3" Right Handed Thinning Shears and 6.25" Right Handed Convex Shears

Thinning shears scissors : right handed 6.3" permanent finger rest,  offset handle,  Ergonomic design with twisted thumb handle. 31 teeth thinning shears scissors. Ball bearing pivot. Japanese Cobalt Stainless steel. Great for Advance styling. Adjustable tension. 

Convex shears: right handed 6.25" off set ergonomic handle shears scissors for professionals hair stylists. Delicate dragon handle with twisted thumb design. Made with Cobalt Japanese Stainless steel. Convex blades for slide cutting. Adjustable tension.

Package Includes:

A. 1 Cutting Shears

B. 1 Thinning shears

C. 1 Hair Shaping Razor Stainless Steel $30 Value

D. 1 Shear Oil Bottle

E.  1 Shear Polishing Cleaning Leather Deer Skin

F.  1 Premium Two Shear Case $20 Value

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