Shears Sharpeing

Sharpening World by Bokhari Shears

 Sharpening World Can Help! Sharpening division of Bokhari!

Dull or miss-sharpened shears cause pushing, folding, catching, crunching and clicking?
 Shears don’t feel right or they don’t “Slide-Cut” anymore? Did you drop them?
No worries! We can fix them like new on factory standards!

Our Service Includes:
Taken apart
Replace worn parts/fixtures (Bumpers, washers, rings, tangs, springs, etc.)
Sharpened (Honing process removes burrs and nicks and strengthens the cutting edge)
Hone the inside ride line ( Removes burrs, silky smooth feel, makes shears quiet)
Reassembled – factory settings for tightness, set, and balance
Tested – Using (Human) hair wet/dry
We Sharp and Service any brand